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For more than 25 years Dr Steve Williams has been specialising in pediatrics. He has written books on the subject, developed University programs, run seminars globally and mentored many Chiropractors from around the world on the subject.

He has even developed certain treatments used by many around the world today.

One of Steve’s core beliefs is that paediatric chiropractic when appropriately applied as well as alleviating troublesome symptoms can help maximise a child’s expression of their genetic potential

So it is with great pride that he has been able to offer his insights and training to professionals with the Academy of Functional Pediatrics. To date hundreds of people have take the training and joined in discussions on the online community.

One thing kept coming up in messages, emails and chats from past members, and that was they wanted more!

More access to Dr Steve, additional training, more regular Q&A and an opportunity to progress in this growing and valuable field.

So, Dr Steve has decided to launch a membership side of the Academy.

Each month he will provide exclusive access to his latest work with the ability to join a live call where you can ask questions and receive group coaching from one of the pioneers of the field of Functional Pediatrics.

Not only that Dr Steve has a library of videos he has created to explain conditions and treatment to his clients. He is giving you access to them so you can share them with your pediatric patients saving you time!

This course includes:
  • 20 hours 2 Live Q&A Calls Per Month

  • Additional Training Videos

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Discount on future courses

  • Masterclass Access